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HOp on hop off

If you’re thinking of spending a day or two exploring the country but aren’t sure where to start, then the Hop On Hop Off 48 Hours is perfect for you. Our hop on hop off 48 hour services allows you to discover the city over 2 days at your pace. Simply hop on to one of our buses from as early as 9am, and ride with us as we take you to 21 of the most iconic locations the country has to offer. 

When you feel like exploring a location simply hop off and take all the time you need. When you’re done simply get hop back on the bus and continue the tour. From 9am to 7pm you can visit many iconic locations and explore with ease. This tour is a great way to get introduced to some of Doha’s main attraction in an effective and efficient manner. That’s not all! When you purchase this tour you will receive free access to our night tour which will take on a relaxing tour around the city where you will see the beautiful landmarks whilst enjoying a complimentary hot beverage.

48 Hours Day City Tour

Monster bus tour

Take a ride through the mighty dunes in the exclusive off-road monster bus. Join us on this journey and experience Qatar like never. We will take you into the heart of the desert where you will experience traditional hospitality.

48 Hours notice required for booking

3 Days and 3 Nights Per Person

Zekreet & Film city

On this cross-country tour, you will be driven around 80 kms from the east (Doha City) towards the west coast of Qatar. Zekreet a village famous for its umbrella rocks, Mystery village – Film City and Richard Serra’s new sculpture – ‘East West / West East’. You might occasionally spot Oryx during this tour. The west coast of Qatar is rich in oil, whereas the North West is known for it’s natural gas.

MAsjid experience

Qatar is an Islamic country with beautiful mosque located all around the country. Join us on this tour and explore religious architecture and practices.

  • Guide will collect and drop you off
  • Explore Imam Abdul Wahab Mosque (Grand Mosque)
  • The Blue Mosque the Katara Cultural Village
  • Qatar Foundation Mosque
  • First aid certified tour guide
  • 4 Hours Duration

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