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Day 1 : Welcome to Istanbul, Turkey

Welcome to Turkey!

When you arrive at Istanbul airport you will be taken to your hotel. You will get a meet and greet with your guide and driver for the duration of your holiday.

Optional: Bosphorus Dinner Cruise. Enjoy an evening sailing the Bosphorus passing bridges from different periods of history and viewing iconic sights like the Dolmabahce and Ortakoy mosque. While sailing this beautiful rive you will indulge in delicious Turkish cuisine while enjoying some of the best entertainment. Including but not limited to Belly Dancing, Turkish Folk Dance and Whirling dervish.

Overnight in Istanbul

Day 2 : Istanbul Sightseeing Tour

Today you will begin your Turkey private package with a tour of the old city of Istanbul. As you explore the old city you will the most iconic and memorable destinations, these include icons that have been famous throughout history as well as modern times. Aya SofyaHagia Sophia, was once a Byzantine church before being converted to a mosque. Eventually, it was repurposed into a museum to show the history of both the building and some of the Ottoman Empire.

Topkapi Palace was once the administration for those who ruled for 400 years during the Ottoman Empire. Its grandeur and size it is considered one of best destination in Istanbul, it was constructed 10 years after the conquest of IstanbulConstantinople, where it remained the seat of power until 1686.

The Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet Mosque is one of the most commonly known ancient monuments in the old city. This mosque is one of the most architecturally elegant with its six minarets, domes, and semi-domes. In the open area in front of the Blue Mosque, there are Obelisks marking the course for the Hippodrome. Here there would have chariot races. This hippodrome was the social hub during the Byzantium periods, a large portion of the populace would watch the teams compete and try to increase their earning by betting.

Istanbul’s ultimate shopping experience is the Grand Bazar. A traditional Turkish market with the unusual addition of being built under cover. Housing 4399 shops, 2195 workshop, 497 stalls, and 18 fountains. An ideal way to experience the Turkish market shopping, with all of the different types of stalls selling items that even you did not know you wanted until you see them.

You will end your day by traveling to the next destination of Canakkale, where you will stay overnight.

Day 3 : Troy and Pergamon Tour

Today you will continue your Turkey tour with a journey to Troy followed by a tour of Pergamon. You will be will then stay overnight in Kusadasi/SelcukEphesus region.

Beginning your day with a city of Troy Tour. This city is shrouded in mystery and mythological stories, here you will be visiting the famous Trojan Horse. This giant hollow statue was, as the story tells, was used to smuggle in small scouting into the city from the invading army outside. Once inside they opened the exterior gate while people slept.

The city of Troy has actually been rebuilt 8 times on top of the original build.  Some of the original building can be seen in their ruined state, however, most of the remaining building come from as late a Troy IX. While this destination is fascinating to view there is always something new to see, as the current excavation progress can be seen during the tour. There are three major landmarks that show the grandeur of the city. The Bouleuterion – which was the Senate building, The Odeon – a theatre and concert area, and Sacrificial Alters. Along paths and what would have been statically placed you can find the ancient walls which kept invaders at bay until they had to come up with strategies such as the Trojan horse.

After your tour of Troy, it is time to head to Pergamon. This ancient site is spectacular for many reasons but a truly memorable one is the Acropolis, modeled after the site in Athens. From the site of the Acropolis at the top of the hill is a stunning view of the surrounding area. Another special building is the Athenaeum Library, where they once held 200,000 volumes and was considered outstanding as Marc Anthony offered it to Cleopatra as a wedding present.

The Temple of Trojan, an immense marble building once used as a place or worship. Unlike most ruins, this one has been partially rebuilt from the basic layout and the existing materials found at the site.

Down the valley from the Acropolis, you will find the Sanctuary of Asclepius. Here a large fountain can be found, legends tell that this fountain would show those who bathed in it how to cure their illnesses.

Overnight in Kusadasi/SelcukEphesus region.

Day 4 : Ephesus Tour

Today your Turkey private tour will travel to Ephesus, take a tour of this ancient city and say overnight.

The ancient city of Ephesus is a marvel to behold, while the city now stands in ruins it is still one of the best-preserved cities and amongst the largest in Turkey. During the period that the city was still alive around 3000 years ago, it has been said to have homes 200,000 people. At the height of its power and prosperity is was considered second to only Rome itself.

This city was once a coastal city with a history of ocean trade and building warships, the coast is now seven kilometers away but the original harbor can still be seen by the entrance to the city. The city was built around a centralized marble street. As you walk this street there are many different buildings that can be seen and explored. At the start of the tour, you will come to the Great Theatre, which was built so large it could seat 25,000 people at a time leading to it being one of the largest in Anatolia. As the theatre is so large it was used for more than just acting but for gladiator fights, animal fights, and religious, political and philosophical talks.

As you continue down the marble street there is a clear organization to the cities main street. The Library of Celsus and was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and can be found right here in Ephesus, while it now stands as a facade the grandeur is not lost due to the size and that it was left standing after many earthquakes that had destroyed new buildings. Along the sides of the marble street, there stand many buildings which vary in how well they have survived. Some of the buildings that have been known what their uses were, include the Scholastica Baths, Mosaic sidewalk, Public Toilets, and even a brothel. Towards the other end of the city and the second entrance is some of the best-preserved gates and monuments.

After visiting this monumental city, you will be visiting a unique destination, The Virgin Mary’s house. This humble house was where Mary, mother of Jesus, lived after coming to the area. The house gives a feeling of the church more than a place to live, with a small living area with a separate room for candles and an area to pray.

Overnight in Ephesus region.

Day 5 : Pamukkale Tour

Today tour Turkey private tour travels to Pamukkale, here you will tour the beauty of the falls. You will stay overnight in Pamukkale.

Pamukkale’s draw is the naturally formed stepped pools that are filled with hot springs. These hot springs are unusual as they have left glacier style due to their high mineral content.  As the limestone and travertine flow over the steps mixed with the water, they leave particles behind which have built up to create the falls that are popular today. Across Turkey, they are compared to cotton, which was where the name came from as Pamukkale translates as ‘Cotton Castle’.

After relaxing in the sun in the pools or taking a walk around you will head to the ancient town of Hierapolis. Around this town, there are ruins in various states of decay but these are being preserved for future generations. As the town is a Byzantium origin, arts and religion were important as can be seen by a large theatre that had to be built twice due to the first one being destroyed due to an earthquake. The second was then built by digging into a hillside before adding the seating area. This building style worked well for the theatre as can be seen due to there still being most of the seating, stage, and VIP areas.

At Hierapolis, there is 1 temple and another unusual place of worship. While the Temple of Apollo has only a small amount left it is easy to see the magnificent size of the temple to the god of sun, music, and poetry.  The second place of worship, however, is not a temple but rather a small cave called The Plutonium. This cave is small, only big enough for one person, with there are toxic gas pockets, deeper into the cave there is fast flowing water. With these signs, it was thought to have been sent by the god of the underworld. Those who survived the gas were thought to have divine protection.

Close to Hierapolis is the Necropolis one of the largest and best preserved in Turkey. The area it extends is two kilometers and holds roughly 1200 tombs, weather by the elements but clear and standing strong.

OptionalParagliding Pamukkale. Here you can try paragliding and view the area as the birds see. Makes for an unforgettable part of Pamukkale.

Day 6 : Bursa Tour

The final full day of your Turkey package tour you will travel back to Istanbul, with a sightseeing stop in the city of Bursa.

OptionalHot Air Balloon Pamukkale, before departing for Istanbul, a highly popular activity is to take the sunrise hot air balloon above Pamukkale. This offers views that are unforgettable and a perfect way to start the day.

Bursa city is known all across Turkey for its heritage and environmental efforts, all around the city there are beautiful parks and trees can be found growing all around. Green coated mountains tower near the city, spectacular views and evergreen forests have given inspiration to Sultans and locals alike, this can be seen from the use of green in decorations. Using green all across the city gives the feeling that nature is part of the heart of the people, this has led to the area being called ‘Green Bursa’.

Two iconic destinations that have aided in giving the name ‘Green Bursa’ are the Green Mosque and the Green Tombs.  Sultan Mehmet I commissioned a Mosque to be built in Bursa, he contracted some of the periods best artists to decorate the interior, this led to a mosque that was almost a work of art, with handcrafted tiles being used throughout.

Today the Green Mosque is still active with those working here maintaining the beautiful legacy. The Green Tomb was created by Mehmet I successor Mehmet II. Mehmet the II wanted a resting place in keeping with his predecessor’s iconic mosque, with handmade tiles both inside the main chamber as well as other areas, it has become knows as one of the most ornate.

Overnight in Istanbul

Day 7 : Final Day Farewells

Today you are dropped off at the airport as this marks the end of your Turkey private package tour. We hope you had an unforgettable holiday and wish to explore more of Turkey with us for your next vacation.



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