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Basic Activities


Give your love life a boost with one of our romantic weekend getaways. From extra-special one-night stays to intimate weekend getaways we have it all for you and at the best pricing to add extra icing to your cake.

Just fill in the inquiry form with the type of package you want and we will give you the packages with something special every time. It’s time to let cupid draw back his bow and drop down on the best romantic destination.

Religious (Islamic)

Travel alongside like-minded Muslims who want to explore the history & culture of these Muslim’s lands. Nourish your Soul & increase your knowledge, follow in the footsteps left in time by your predecessors in these lands.

Our top destinations include Turkey, India, Iran, Jordan, Malaysia, Pakistan etc. You can drop us an inquiry or contact our travel agent regarding your travel plans and we will provide holistic travel experiences guided by Islamic principles. 

Minimum 4 Pax


Camping trips are the stuff of childhood memories. Of sitting around a campfire toasting marshmallows and slapping at sand flies, of sleeping between canvas walls and rising with the sun. Nights spent stargazing because the stars twinkle that much brighter so far from the city. Eating easy-to-cook meals off plastic plates and long glorious days spent lazing around the campsite.

Don’t let those enriched moments slide away because of rushed life. Plan your overseas weekends with us. The best part of taking an organized camping trip is you get the breathtaking views, camaraderie, and thrill of being part of nature without a planning headache. Gear is one most expensive parts of this activity, but camping tours provide a bit of nostalgia without the high investment.


Want to go on a culture trip that will let you culturally immerse yourself into some of the world’s most fascinating regions? Well, you’re in luck. Our immensely popular selection of historical holidays is crafted to help you unearth the true nature of your destination.

Travel back in time with our organized History and cultural tour and relish every street that you pass by discovering its past.

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